Our Peculiarities

Intellectual development:

  • To encourage the pursuit of excellence
  • To stimulate the excitement of curiosity and discovery
  • To foster the learning process by application of child friendly methodology.

Physical & Mental Development:

  • To help the child possess sound mind coupled with sound body.
  • To create awareness of importance of sports.
  • To promote and cultivate interest in sports.
  • To train and ensure hygiene.
  • To ensure regular health check up by experts.
  • To strengthen their mind with mind exercise & gym.

Social development:

  • To help child understand social diversity.
  • To make the child realize as to what he owes to the society.
  • To encourage a sense of responsibility.

Aesthetic Development:

  • Indoor Games
  • Athletics
  • Outdoor Games

Physical Development

  • To ensure language proficiency.
  • To nurture art, skills and areas of interest.
  • To nourish the talents and capabilities so as to utilize their full potential.
  • To create awareness on key skills of life that will lead to independence.
  • To develop confidence and competence.

Moral Development

  • Mass assembly & morning prayer
  • Social services activities

Our focus is on 360° development of our enthusiastic learners.

peculiarities-360-degree development