DATEDAYEnergy DrinkBreak Fast
16-09-2019MondayApple JuiceFried Rice
17-09-2019TuesdayMix Fruit JuiceDhokla with Chattni
19-09-2019ThursdayButtermilkSabji(Mix Veg.) - Roti
20-09-2019FridayLemonadeBread-Butter Jam
21-09-2019SaturdayMix Fruit JuiceKhasta Kachori
Note :
  • If the child is having any allergy in relation to any of the above foods then kindly send snacks from home alongwith a note.
  • Kindly note if your child doesn't like any of the above food items please inform the admin by Saturday 12 o'clock by email or a written note in the school diary. Next week's Menu is updated every Thursday.